Synchronization boosts livestock farming ~Dr Wathe


Tuesday , December 11th, 2018

By Charles Muthoka.

Kitui county Deputy governor Dr Wathe Nzau on tuesday held a technical meeting in his office on how to improve livestock breeding in Kitui County.

In attendance was CEC in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Livestock development, Emanuel Kisangau, Asst. Director livestock development, Dr. Maluki and Dr. Kamonzo who is the Vet Officer Kitui Central.The Deputy Governor chaired the meeting to discus how livestock synchronization can be achieved in all villages in Kitui County.

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“We need to plan how we can increase the number of livestock to our people in Kitui County. For example, if we select ten thousand (10,000) mature Cows within one year and expose them to hormone which can induce them to be on heat, then after ten days inseminate them, they will give birth at the same time” Dr Wathe Nzau said.

The members agreed the sensitization to people and Identification of the Cattle, should be between this month of December 2018 and of January, 2019.Once this program starts, it will be a big boost to kitui people because they will be able to plan for their Cattle to give birth when the milk demand is high, when the pasture is in plenty and also mortality rate will reduce during calving because a good number of livestock officers will be on the ground to monitor them since all will be expected to calf at the same period.

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This program will promote the Governor Ngilu’s agenda on Job and wealth creation as well as food security.Speaking in the meeting, Hon. Kisangau assured the members that, the County government has procured enough Semens of different breeds adaptable to kitui climate to be used in that program.Consequently those people whose animals will be identified will be encouraged to grow enough pasture to feed their livestock.

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