Support The Govt Agenda or Go to hell, Ngilu critics Told


By county diary.

Kitui women who support Governor Ngilu has asked those few individual castigating and rubbishing the government agenda to stop it. Women were addressing the press at the governor’s board room on Thursday afternoon.

They were led by Damaris Kamba flagged off by several officials of kina mama was Mboga

They called on the senator Enock wambua to find a good working formula with governor Ngilu and stop inciting people against the government projects.

The group of women leaders welcomed the county government plans, Under the municipal funded programs to update kithomboani market stall, To a Modern three-story Building market store and other market stores.



Angry residents expressed their dissatisfaction about some of few hecklers on social media over the government programs,” We know nonsense when we see it. The discussion around tractors is a nonstarter.

Obviously, Madam Governor is committed to supporting farmers in this great county of ours by lowering the cost of production.

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The tractors programme is just one of the many noble initiatives by Governor Ngilu to increase productivity in agriculture and grow wealth. Others are the seed to farmers programme, the meander irrigation programme, the Livestock improvement programme just to name a few.

The net effect of all these programmes is to ensure that the cost of agricultural production is lowered, the production process is mechanized and made more efficient and the quality of produce is improved by using modern methods of production such as seed quality and pest control.

Obviously, the major problems that we face cannot be solved in a day or even in one year or even in one term. The idea is to make small incremental steps that yield meaningful results in the short-term that when put together attempt to solve a much bigger challenge in the long term. It’s called having a plan.

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Even if the Governor were to buy every farmer a tractor, the prophets of doom and idlers will show up with questions like how was this procured? Who got the tender? Was there public participation? These tractors look too big. How will they be maintained? Who are the drivers? Where do they come from? Who trained them? Do the MCAs know? Who fuels them? Where do they get stored? Are they fake? Can they sleep at night? Of course, some of these questions are legitimate.

But you will also hear a lot of nonsensical questions.

The bottom line is these WhatsApp hecklers will never be satisfied. They have no agenda for this county and theirs is empty rhetoric. Their job is not to contribute to development but to bring chaos and reign havoc and confusion so the Governor doesn’t deliver on her development agenda. It doesn’t matter to them that wananchi will surfer in the process. They are political bandits.


The Governor will stay focused on service delivery and development for the people of Kitui County. No amount of heckling, gossip, propaganda and political banditry will stop that.

This is my message to all of you waganga, propagandists, idlers and hecklers. You will heckle, gossip, shamelessly spend your 20 out of 24 hours of productive time insulting and doing all manner of theatrics on WhatsApp groups, half mukimaliza male. Then wait for 2022 hiyo Kura you Moja Moja mobile vile mangaka.

Mama Ngilu knows where the voters are and they are not in WhatsApp groups. She will keep working for the voters and talking to them directly. She doesn’t have time to fit in a Corojo and aimless personal hate and bitterness over nothing.