Support Ngilu for a Straightforward development Musau tell Mwingi West

Kitui sports, culture Executive member hon Patrick Koki Musau Speakes to Masses on Saturday, 5th October 2019 at Kavalyani Village Migwani Ward, Mwingi West Sub-County

The Minister in charge of Tourism Sports and Culture Hon Patrick koki Musau has urged the residents of Mwingi West to continue supporting the government for easy and straightforward development under the leadership of Madam Ngilu, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt

Mr. Patrick Koki Musau was speaking on Saturday when he joined Mourners, family, and friends of the late Joseph Kitheka Mwangangi for a funeral ceremony at his farm in Kavalyani Village.

The CEM prompted residents of that area of the Governor’s five-pillar Manifesto by highlighting to them the achievements, The Government has done within the short period she has been in office. “He further urged them to continue supporting her fully embracing her programs which she has already started in order for them to benefit and uplift their livelihoods.

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The CEM further cautioned people and other leaders who are going round in funerals and other public social functions saying that our Governor and other elected leaders are not bringing development to the electorate at the grassroots level, and urged them to give leader humble time to serve the people who elected them,

Musau said, It’s time work and fulfil the promises which leaders gave to electorates during the campaign period, adding that if anyone wants to vie for any elective seat should wait for the remaining three years since there was no vacant seat and some of them have been in elective seats for years but did very little in terms of development and yet they are not considering of their advancing age!

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The Minister was representing Kitui County Governor H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu who was on a different function, From the burial ceremony of the late Joseph Kitheka Mwangangi, the County Executive for Tourism proceeded to another function still within Migwani Ward at Major General Kivunzi’s residence where her daughter was having a pre-wedding party before proceeding to Itivanzou village in Kyuso Ward Mwingi North Sub-County for another function where Teachers from that entire Sub-County had come to visit one of their KNUT disabled member Mr. Kyalo Kitangu who has been affected by the current TSC sacking as result of the strike they participated in earlier this year.