Movement of Assembly business to Mwingi Town so as to facilitate the construction of a new office block at the County Assembly of Kitui may soon become a reality.

This is after the Assembly approved the Kitui County Supplementary Budget 1 Report for the financial year 2021-2022 with amendments to allocate a budget of Ksh 11million to renovate the defunct Mwingi County Council Building to be used as a Chamber and offices, and other related costs, when the Assembly relocates to Mwingi. This during an additional sitting that spilled late into Wednesday night.

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The amendment had been proposed by Hon Nicholus Mwalali (Mbitini Ward) who called upon the House to rescind the initial Budget and Appropriations Committee decision. It was seconded by Hon. Antony Ndooh (Township Ward).

The motion received surmountable support from several members. “This Honorable House is an entity that enjoys perpetual life in law,” said Nelson Kivali (Voo/Kyamatu) in support of the amendment. “The development of the Assembly isn’t tied to our lifespan in this House,”” he went on.

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While backing the motion, David Thuvi (Kithumula/Kwa Mutonga) said that the House had earlier on passed a motion to effect Bunge Mashinani and commence with Mwingi Town. “Since there is a motion in place, it’s high time we implement it so as to benefit our brothers and sisters in Mwingi Town,” he added.

In rejecting the motion, some members including, Hon. Emeritus Kasee (Kisasi) said that although the proposals are very good, they’re overtaken by time and there are other important things that could be achieved before the end of the Second Assembly which is in two months’ time.

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However, the Majority Leader informed the House that if the offices are going to be demolished it’s not a two months activity. “We are going to be there for more than a year. Those placing a denial because you are looking at your two months isn’t the truth,” he mentioned.

Others who backed the motion include James Munuve (Kanziku Ward) and Stephen Musili (Kyuso Ward).