Stop Sponsoring Headlines and Focus on Uplifting Citizens Needs, Says Ngilu



Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has called for the country to focus on alleviating poverty among its citizens instead of focusing on sponsored political headlines.

The Governor wrote on her social media sites, “There comes a time when the Country becomes our focus and not speculative and sponsored media headlines. I encourage these consultations for the greater good of Kenyans. We have been having a series of meetings as National leaders to address our country’s needs”

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We leaders need to step up and address the socio-economic pain felt by Kenyans through job losses, uncertainty and loss of life occasioned by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Any leader worth their salt should stop focusing on 2022 and put their effort into dealing with the pressing problems Kenyans are facing. We need to cushion Kenyans through subsidies, lower taxes and increase funding to healthcare.

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