Stop selling your land to brokers, Environment Minister Warns Mwingi North Residents


By County Diary Correspondents

Kitui Executive Member in charge of Environment and Natural Resources Hon John Makau has urged the residents in rich minerals deposits zones in Kitui county not to sell their lands to outsiders and brokers.

The minister who is a lawyer by profession was speaking on Saturday during the solemn burial of daughter in-law to Musyoka Muviku in Mwingi North were he was representing the Governor Charity Ngilu.

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Mbwangwani Limestone

John Makau whose docket includes mining expounded to the gathering the key issues pertaining to the proposed limestone mining at Mbangwani and adjoining areas in Mwingi North.

After giving the Governor’s condolences to the bereaved family, he was accompanied by several leaders from the area led Hon Eng. Irianga among other local leaders.

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Mining Act

Waziri Makau explained to the community on the Mining Act which is currently at the public participation stage waiting enacting.

Facts and Figures

“According to the act, the royalty rites stipulates that the national government takes 70%, County Government 20% and the owner of the land 10%,” said Mr. Makau amid applause from the crowd.

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Makau Caveat

Mr. Makau however advised the people not to sell their land to the ongoing brokers. He said it is the brokers who will benefit from the 10% royalty because they are quickly getting titles on the land for ownership.

He said whatever is going on is conmanship and the people should wait for the deal process to be accomplished.