Stop Sabotaging Gov Ngilu But Work in Tandem Instead, Kitui MCAs Told


Kitui County MCAs allied to Wiper Movement party has been asked to drop their ego and focus on service delivery to the people of Kitui.

The current MCAs are have been reminded that the overall success of Kitui Government led by Ngilu will be a success of the Assembly of Kitui county.

The fact that they are the majority in the parliament, should not be the reason to shoot down the government plans at the floor of the house, it’s evident that they have resolved to frustrate the Governor Ngilu because she comes from the minority.

Failing to pass crucial budgets aimed at the development, it’s a clear picture of undermining her so that she doesn’t make any meaningful development during her tenure as the Governor of Kitui county.

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They are trying to show her that though she’s the Governor, she’s powerless because she lacks numbers in the parliament, the people of Kitui are not fools, they are seen it all.


Pride comes before a fall, and they should remember the Kibaki and Raila government. Kibaki was the president but had the minority seats in the parliament while Raila had the majority seats but shared some powers with Kibaki. This was Kibaki’s last but the hardest term ever.

Hardest because nothing could sail through the parliament without Raila’s nod because he had the majority seats and so his party had higher authority. This made Raila and his party be so proud and arrogant on Kibaki’s government.

The government was many times compelled by circumstances to use the money to buy support from some of Raila’s MPs in order to pass its proposals. Nothing could be passed in the parliament amend especially allied to the government without pouring money for it to be approved. Mainly, this is where corruption and money ego of legislators was born up to date.


GOD was never happy with how things were conducted in this Nusu Mukate Government, He saw the root cause of the problem and uprooted it, This is the reason why the Jubilee government came into power because egocentrism and proudness had been uprooted.

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Raila couldn’t believe how the Jubilee Government led by Uhuruto could win with landslide and reinstalled the government’s authority in the parliament. This time Raila because voiceless and powerless. It was his paying back time!!

Now, the Wiper party MCAS should learn things from history, forget about their proud and numbers to support Mama Ngilu to work for the people.

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Only God knows who will be the next Governor of Kitui, and she might bounce back again with more stronger government and with more seats than now. You might sabotage her today but tomorrow you might be regretting, God is not a respecter of persons

Wiper might have the least number of seats in the next parliament of Kitui county and find themselves paying back their current actions.