Stop Misleading the Akamba Community – Amb Kiema Cautions Kalonzo.



The towering former Ambassador to Turkey hon Kiema kilonzo has lauded the Kamba community for refusing to be drawn into useless political demonstrations which were called by Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

The anti-Government demonstration left business people in Nairobi and part of the Nyanza region counting massive losses.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Ambassador Kilonzo “The People of Kenya through their elected leaders should address the issues of escalating high cost of living and unemployment but not through causing more agony to the same people by destroying their livelihoods through demonstrations and destruction of properties”

He has called on the Wiper leader HE Kalonzo Musyoka to stop following Raila Odinga because from 2013 up to 2023, Musyoka has led the community to the opposition by being an errand boy for baba.

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The hard-hitting Ambassador Kilonzo claimed that azimio leaders had been paid to sabotage the government and asked the Kamba nation to continue boycotting any further calls by Raila Odinga on demonstration.

Raila Odinga has been disputing every Presidential election outcome for the last 30 years despite Supreme Court rulings.

“In 2018, Kalonzo called for a truce that led to the Handshake Government between Raila and president Kenyatta but he never benefited from the same arrangement in either community” Raila ran Ah99ead and agreed with the former President On how to work together leaving fellow NASA Politicians in cold, Hard Hitting Kiema kilonzo Told the Press.


According to the fire-spitting amb, Kilonzo, the Kamba Community should stick to the Government of president William Ruto and refuse to be drawn to Useless politicking and allow the President to fix the Country’s economy.

Any further demonstration is hurting the country’s economy.

The number of business people who were affected by Monday maandamano are today counting losses.

He further added that the Kamba community will never participate in Demonstrations because they value people’s Property.

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The Azimio ring Leader Raila Odinga has declared that protests will be every Monday and Thursday due to the alleged public demand starting next week.

The ODM boss urged Kenyans to start boycotting some products and companies which according to him have become enablers of the Kenya Kwanza Regime.

He has vowed not to relent until the Kenya kwanza regime understands that the people are hurting and that they are suffering because of the high cost of living.

A section of Kenyans is calling for the prosecution of Raila Odinga and his troops for polarizing the county and scaring the investors away.