Stop Fighting your Mp, Mutha MCA told – Elders.


24th sep 2018

Story by CD reporter

Mutha Mca threaten to take Mutha ward to kitui east saying Kaki has failed,

Kitui South member Parliament Dr Kaki took to the social media on Sunday to respond to the allegations by mutha mca.

Dr kaki posted ‘I Been busy and you may have noticed I avoid angaging Mutha MCA. Ask yourself why only one MCA out of 6 fights me almost daily on social media?

Kaki Mp: I want to bring the leaders of Mutha to perspective. Our MCA has been approached to be used as a tool for making Mutha part of Kitui East Dr kaki said.

I will not lose any part of Mutha to Kitui East and I want to ask Mutha leaders to wake up to this call. We want two constituencies out of Kitui South Mutomo and Ikutha. Not one polling station.

The Mca must be informed that we are willing to lose to loose Mutha ward. Pls tell those who have send you that this is going to be a hard job and needs consultation with leaders, kitui south Mp posted on a heated discussion on Mutha WhatsApp group.

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Yoana Kimwele responded Mca is free can go to kitui East, but mutha belongs to kitui south constituency.

Damaris Kasamu: Ooh,now I know,kumbe Tony gets handouts from Hon Mbai to sell his people to Kitui East,no wonder he went to Kitui East during the Nziu ranch meeting ,everything done in the dark must come into the light.

Kaki Mp: Why are we not talking about the headers in Mutha who have a cooperative society who have approached me to support them. This info is available with the CSO Athi who I believe is part of the leadership.

We are not ready to lose mutha to kitui kitui east a certain elder said, The area Mca must stop being used to fight His Mp.

The two of you are our representatives and we expect solutions from you. Kaeni chini muongee kama viongozi na muache kuanikana huku kwa WhatsApp. Follow the suit of makueni leadership another respected elder posted.

Mutinda Mumu: I want to believe Kitui south is one of the biggest constituencies. Any effort to divide it to me is welcome, as long as it’s done with the interest of people at heart and for efficient service delivery.

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The problem is giving one part to lumping it to already a bigger area. If this idea of part of Mutha joining he vast Kitui East is true, then those championing it are enemies of Mutha , Mutinda mumu Posted.

Yeah they deserve kitui south is big and the three athi,ikutha and kanziko can form their own constituency and I’m sure non of the residents will complain.I’m sure when done from the people will not have any opposition

Kitui south is too different with Kitui East and whoever wants to go back to his origin he change his identity again.
Vai musyi usilwa ta ungi na itho ikatonyeka ivenesyaa kilaani.

You can sleep but as I sum up too,I want you to understand three key concerns …
1.Stop fighting MP.
2.Just deliver equally.
3.Talk sense MCA.

Tonny: Yii kikwo tikitiu, MCA posted

Tony has majored in political career and fighting for his people is not fighting mp but political models and approach to address issues…both mp and MCA are politicians na wako sawa na wanaleta maendeleo…nature of politics

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Musa: The demarcation is done by national government not county assembly but he don’t get anything he thinks the other way.
Musa: Stop cheating people mekyui dam was done by you, the dam was done by county government of kitui under the able leader leadership CK Ngilu.

Those are the factors to development,,,
1.stop fighting Mp…this means u will develop a teamwork that will make it ease to serve your people

For the record Dr kaki and kitui governor are very close friends, Our MCA must be advised accordingly Ismael Mandi who spoke to us told our Reporter

2.Equal development…this will make and let subjects feel recognise ur good work through making facilities well served.

3.Talking sense…it means u stop filling this platform with cheap talks,it is diverted in a way that u should be accomplishing what u say,,,not telling us u will fulfil this and this and this and we never see any fruit

I made it easy for your understanding!!!Na Tony ukimanya kuu ni Kitui South kwa Mheshimiwa Kaki,kuu ti kwa Mbai ,,,usili nutwaa kwaasa vyu

Mr tonny please boundary between mutha ward and the reserves is not in Enyali as you stated. PLEASE KNOW YOUR AREA

] Damaris Kasamu: You are calling people goons,and its you who has become a goon to Hon Nimrod Mbai,Mtu ya mkono