Stop Fighting MP Nimrod Mbai,Work In Tandem – Moses Banda Followers Told


By Our Reporter.

A Supremacy battle is brewing in Kitui pitting Several factions that support Deputy President Over who is who and who is Near the Boss, as supporters continue to lie low like an injured wild Antelope, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

Now the self proclaimed Moses Banda team has been told to manage his few followers and stop Fighting Kitui East Member of Parliament Hon Nimrod Mbai and instead Work In Tandem.

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They were categorically told Mbai is Kitui County Dp Ruto’s Point Man.

The ping pong between between Kitui County Dp Ruto top ally Hon Nimrod Mbai who is well known As Dp Staunch follower and Hon Moses Banda Should be stopped.

Speaking exclusively with reporters Mp Mbai said he is focussed on driving the agenda of the Hustler Nation and he will Not be distracted by those who are pursuing personal interests and forgetting the Big Picture, Nimrod called for all people to work as a team.

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“The sponsored online war is Maliciously crafted to paint Mp Nimrod Mbai as an untrusted Leader has failed terribly to fly”, Erustus Kombulu, a Kitui Renowned youth leader has said.

The Deputy President Is working closely with Elected leaders, the organizers of the Dp Meeting, the existing Groups Need to Work with Elected leaders, Katunda a law student has said.

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The Supporters of Deputy President in Kitui County are at the crossroads as two factions continue to clobber and outshine each other like mad swine.