Stop Dressing like Jezebel, Christian ladies warned


By Mugechi Monica

You are not a real Christian man if your wife dresses like Jezebel, her breasts out, her hips tightened up in those lascivious things they wear in the name of fashion and you are going to tell her she looks cute.

What’s cute about looking like Jezebel? And then one month after your wedding you claim you want divorce because you caught her cheating, didn’t you encourage her to be an adulteress? Then two weeks after your honeymoon she starts using passwords to hide the flirty chats she engages with the men who are attracted to her body parts flaunted in her lascivious clothes.

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And you both claim to be a spirit filled couple! Which foul spirit is that? The Bible says that husbands should dwell with their wives according to knowledge, giving honour to their wives as the weaker vessels.

Husbands,it’s time to tell your wives that God esteems women of a meek and a gentle spirit not women who emulate Jezebel.

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