Musoma Warns Counties Against Nepotism During Tendering and Hiring


Makueni vocal political activist Josephat Musoma has called on Ukambani County Assemblies to make laws that will protect the region from the acute nepotism that prevails in staff hiring and procurements of tenders.

While speaking to County Diary over the weekend the former Makueni Parliamentary Aspirant cautioned Southern Eastern Kenya Economic Block (Sekeb) that the vice might rob away citizens the benefits of devolution.

“The poverty levels in Makueni, Kitui and Machakos are wanting, we thought devolution was meant to empower marginalized communities at village level but its sad that Ukambani has become a man-eat-man society where kidneys are reserved for the king” lamented Musoma taking a swipe at Makueni County executive that he refers to as notorious.”

How do you justify that out of one Million people of Makueni only the Speaker’s younger brother can be director of communication in county , the best person to be director of health is their governor’s blood brother or that the three companies suitable to supply the Ministry of health belong to the wife respective minister?

The politician questioned adding that it is collective institutional failure and a moral decadence that will increase poverty and widen the gap between the haves and the have not.

Musoma attributes the alarming rate of suicides reported every week in the county to the hopeless in the youth and middle aged. “This social economic disparity is a bomb that will soon erapt someday, we cant have a county leadership that hires and tenders to self. That is how governments breed criminal activities like child abuse,robery and prostitution by poking legal loopholes on policy to rob it’s citizens” he warned saying that we have no policy to assure the interest of youth women and people with disability. Makueni was last year ranked the County with the highest number of single mothers a position that was previously held by Kiambu. Cases of gender based violence, teenage pregnancies, illicit drunk abuse, conmanship and street begging are rapidly increasing.

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The Makueni We Want Movement patron says time has come for the region to raise to it’s basic instincts and save the poor population. He reminded the Makueni County government that they campaigned on the “kila nyumba kalila” philosophy that eluded that every household would have stake in Kibwana’s administration. He However regrets that the Kalila regime has armtwisted the residents who have turned the slogan to “Kila Nyumba Kwilila” which means every household regrets the betrayal. “Every home in Makueni has one,two or three educated but unemployed youth with no alternative source of income.

Our MCAs owe us a policy framework that protects the interests of everyone not just those with deeper pockets as has been the case” said Musoma.He called for compulsory hiring and tendering model approach. He wants the County create a data base of it’s population and public companies owned by special interest groups to be awarded tenders reserved for them. “We need to take a head count and capture details of all youth, women and pdws then open three government regulated companies. For each them to benefit, we must remove the competitive biding of tenders meant for special interest groups and level the ground for everyone” he adviced. He says that we should not leave the illiterate and unprivileged people who don’t even know how to register a company to fate coz governments are obligated to inform and empower their populations. According to the proposal upon attaining 35years the youth should redeem their shares and use it as capital to estambish investments. However he warns that no one should belong to two or more companies,that means that one will have to wait until they are 35 years to join the Women or Pwd companies . This means that those with both features will have the privilege to chose one.

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This comes shortly after that term of Makueni public service board chair Mr. Mutie expires with many state officers in Kibwana’s administration seeking to replace him. “Its funny that we see people holding high executive slots seeking a job that has a lesser pay, probably they anticipate tough times ahead and need a security of tenure” he cautioned in reference to a warning by Senator Mutula Jnr that he will fire and jail any corrupt county officials if he becomes governor in 2022. The activist now want Senate to come up with a legislation that will bar counties from hiring top officials or tendering to companies where they or immediate family members; brothers/sisters, children or parents individually or collectively own more than 50% of the shares. The activist further demands a work formula that entails annual compulsory lifestyle audits and wealth declaration to be enshrined in a policy framework.

September is be the month of deaf awareness and County Diary hopes that the words of the man of chronicles will not land in deaf ears.