Stay Away! Police Warn As Gvn Sonko set to be arraigned in court


NAIROBI-KENYA has come out to defend the police after the arrest of Nairobi Governor HE Mike Sonko.

“On 6 December 2019, the Director of Public Prosecutions issued a directive to have the Governor of Nairobi Mike Sonko and his co accused arrested and
araigned before court.The police caught up with the Governor at Voi along the Nairobi Mombasa Highway.

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During the arrest the Governor became abusive, unruly and
violent in an attempt to resist hence obstructing police officers from the lawful
execution of their duties.

In the process, he assaulted and injured the senior police officer leading the team and damaged media equipments

Consequently these acts of lawlessness against lawful Police action, The police will prefer asault and other related charges against the Governor, police department has said

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The Kenya Police Service is a national body in charge of law enforcement in Kenya. It is subordinate to National Police Service which is headed by Inspector General of Police who exercises independent command over the Service. Kenya Police is headed by Deputy Inspector General.

“we would also wish to inform the public that we have reports that a group of individuals mobilising to cause civil unrest.

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The general public is therefore warned persons inteding to assemble, demonstrate, or picket must do so with strict to the law, people are hereby requested to stay away.

Any attempt to intimidate the police and court will not be tolerated police have warned.