On 23rd December, 2021 at around 2:50 pm, Dennis Itumbi was abducted as he left a barbershop in Thindigua.

Eyewitnesses reported that three men violently accosted Itumbi and swiftly forced him into a Toyota Premier saloon car, KBL 455S. Police officers who had been arresting members of the public for not wearing masks stopped their action and released rounded up citizens as soon as Itumbi was abducted.

Someone at the barbershop had the presence of mind to find the cellphone number of Mr Josiah Murigu, a close associate of Mr Itumbi, and reported the abduction.

Murigu, quickly alerted Itumbi’s colleagues and family, who mobilised and reported the matter to Thindigua Police Post vide OB 10/23/12/2021 at 1540HRS, as search efforts proceeded. One tip-off indicated that Itumbi had been taken to Parklands Police station under arrest, but it turned out to be false. The triangulation of Itumbi’s mobile phone signal tracked it to Kigwa in Ridgeways, but he was not found there.

The Hustler Nation therefore raised a hue-and-cry following which thousands of Kenyans accordingly mobilised and did their part in searching for Itumbi and bringing his abduction to the attention of the media and of Government.

For many terrifying hours, no one had any clue on Itumbi’s whereabout.

At 11:22pm, David Itumbi, brother of Dennis Itumbi , received a call from a number belonging to a Mr Makokha, a taxi driver who had found Itumbi limping in the Lucky Summer area near KASARANI stadium.

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Itumbi was severely injured and in great pain, having been tortured at length as his abductors drove him around the city. He was eventually thrown out of the car into a thicket and left for dead. He managed to crawl to the nearest road, where he sought help from bodaboda riders and this is where Mr Makoha recognised him and offered to help.

A passing taxi driver recognised Itumbi in his state, and found warm clothes for him, after which he was taken to.the RUARAKA Uhai Neema Hospital in KASARANI for emergency first aid.

Thereafter, Itumbi was evacuated to the Nairobi West Hospital, where he is admitted for further treatment. He has suffered extensive torture, including repeatedly battery of his limbs with a hammer, and sustained soft tissue injuries as well as fractures. A comprehensive medical report following a full examination of his injuries will be shared in due course.

Itumbi has confirmed that his abductors took turns to beat him while warning him that the torture was revenge for his social media coverage of CS Fred Matiang’i, PS Karanja Kibicho, the Inspector-General of the Police Service Hillary Mutyambai and DCI George Kinoti. They also questioned him on a post he made on Saturday 18th December 2021 on formation of a KRA team led by Sammy Muchemi ostensibly to harass business people associated with Deputy President William Ruto.

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In particular, the abductors-torturers emphatically demanded that Itumbi stop discussing Mr David Mwendwa, son of the Inspector-General of the National Police Service, who is under investigation following a road accident that claimed the lives of two bodaboda riders.

The criminal squad handcuffed him from behind and tied his legs with a rope. They told him he knew why they were arresting him upon his inquiry and added he will know more when he would be interrogated by the boss who he must support. On saying he would rather die than support anyone’s cause by coercion, that’s is when the beatings and torture started.

We thank the bodaboda riders who first responded to Itumbi’s distress with empathy and urgency, and the taxi driver who acted with selflessness and compassion as well as the medics at RUARAKA Uhai Neema and Nairobi West Hospital who have treated Itumbi.

We note that following Itumbi’s abduction, a campaign of misinformation intensified by individuals and bloggers who do bidding for the Police and Office of the President which made it extremely difficult to find Itumbi, affording the criminals ample time to perform their heinous acts. It is clear from the intensity of this disinformation that Itumbi’s abduction and torture was orchestrated and resourced from highly-placed quarters.

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It is a matter of tremendous sorrow for us to witness the return of the horrors of the darkest point of Kenya’s autocratic regime, which we believed to be gone for good. It is important to note that abductions, arbitrary detention, torture and other forms of state-sponsored terror and harassment have made their big come-back. We condemn this policy of backsliding into retrogressive, savage and intolerable political and administrative measures.

We are not going back there. We ask the President to call his security apparatus to order and desist from the temptation to indulge in bloodthirsty and repressive violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

As an essential characteristic of his legacy, the President must strive to live by his Oath of Office to defend, protect and observe the constitution and do justice to all Kenyans without fear, favour, malice or ill-will.

We demand Impartial and independent investigation and President to constitute a commission of inquiry into the existence of a criminal squad targeting political players. We thank Kenyans at large especially on social media and the mainstream media. They saved Itumbi’s life.

And we cannot forget the patriotic officers who provided vital information that Itumbi was in the hands of a criminal undercover hitsquad and adviced that Kenyans pile pressure failure to which he would be killed before daybreak this morning.