State Okays Kitui Trade Unions to Stage Demonstration


Five trade unions with membership drawn from across the county have planned the mother of all demonstrations against the county government over salary delays.

According to a letter drawn by the five unions and which has been leaked to our highly trusted and reliable desk and which has also been served to Kitui county police commander, the demo is scheduled for Wednesday, September 30 from 9am to 2pm.

The protestors in their hundreds will first assemble at Kitui Stadium then start a peaceful mass walk through buspark – Mulleys supermarket – Total petro station before pouring enmass at the governor’s office then to the office of the speaker.

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Here, they will express their displeasure with the county government of Kitui between the executive and the county assembly over salary delays.

“It will be a demo like no other. We shall demand for answers from none other than the governor on why county workers have not been paid for a record three months. We shall not entertain her blame games and back passing” one of the trade unionist told our trusted desk.

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The unionists, through the letter, a copy of which has also been received by the county commissioner have called on the police to provide enough security to the demonstrators in anticipation of infiltration of hired goons that might want to join the demo and cause chaos.

“We have intelligence that some people might want to hire goons to infiltrate our demo to cause chaos and loot shops in order to tarnish our names. Our demo will be peaceful but we shall speak forcefully against the ills affecting the county and county workers” stated another official.

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The unions that have organized the demo are; 1. Kenya National Union of Nurses (Kitui chapter), 2. Kenya Union of Clinical Officers (Kitui Chapter) 3. Kenya Civil Servants Union (Kitui Chapter), 4. Kenya Union of Nutritionists and Dieticians and 5. Kenya County Government Workers Union (Kitui Chapter).