State Shuts down Churches, Mosques and bars over Covid-19


Following the wake of serious coronavirus pandemic, the government of Kenya on Sunday evening ordered all churches and mosques to close down, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt

The County Administration police bosses have been ordered to make sure all churches, mosques and other places of worship in their jurisdiction are closed down to avoid the spread of the Virus, Interior Ps Kibichu has said.

People have been advised to adhere to the government directives to the letter, avoid crowded areas, avoid All social gatherings, 8 more cases have been confirmed in Kenya.

The government has also announced tough measures and ordered all people to adhere to the directives, failure to adhere, tough measures will be enforced without mercy.


●All International flights suspended effective Wednesday midnight.

All those coming to kenya between now and Wednesday will undergo mandatory quarantine at a government facility.

● Effective midnight all bars closed, Restaurants and Hotels to do only take-away services.

● All churches, mosques, temples and all other social Gatherings suspended .(Funeral services restricted to only immediate family members)

☑️ There is an additional 8 Corona virus cases in Kenya, bringing the total number to 15

☑️ 363 persons who had come into contact with the 8 are being traced

☑️ Government continues to insist on high levels of hygiene and maintaining social distancing as an effective measure

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☑️ Kenyans must adjust and change their lifestyles. Behaving normal under the circumstances is akin to having a death with


☑️ All international flights suspended effective Wednesday today at midnight apart from cargo flights. All coming between now and Wednesday to undergo quarantine at a government facility at their own exorbitant

☑️ All persons who violate quarantine measures to be quarantined forcefully at their own expense and later charged. This will apply to a senior government official who failed to self- quarantine upon return from abroad

☑️ Effective midnight, all bars will remain closed until further notice. Restaurant to remain open but only have take away services

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☑️ All PSVs must adhere to the directive issues on Friday (March 20th) failure time which respective Sacco license will be revoked

☑️ Government has suspended all churches, mosques gatherings; funerals are restricted to family members only (Restricted to 15). Weddings not allowed. Any form of gathering even within the streets also not allowed

☑️ The National Government Administration Officers (NGAO)under the Ministry of Interior to enforce measures and directives issued. Moving forward displinary action will be taken towards those who will fail to comply

☑️ The National Police Service to enforce the National Health Act, the outlined matatu regulations and quarantine. The police will support NGAO in the enforcement of various outlined measures.

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