Sponsored Blog Fails to Scuffle MCAs & H.E Ngilu Unity Talks


As kitui leaders continue to moot unity of purpose, the egocentric individuals have hatched a scheme through a sponsored articles seeking to scuffle negotiation efforts between CA and CE. the COUNTY DIARY has learnt

When you decide to fight the Governor ensure you have the stamina and the platform to do that: don’t stay pretty waiting to cash on MCAs and the Governor’s temporary disagreements, Kitui youth council chairman aggrey Nzomo said.

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It is not good to write demeaning phrases meant to portray the County Executive as insensitive and cunning. As if the office of the Governor doesn’t know it’s duties. This is not the way to go.

Kitui Members of county assembly are elected leaders and it’s their duty to always meet with the Governor or any other leader and streamline issues of budget and the unity of purpose. When such negotiations are in progress, it is in bad taste to paint MCAs as street tender brokers. It is also very bad to paint the whole process as a barter trade of tenders and favors.


Finally, the MCAs are not there to fulfill anybody’s destructive desires. They are not your objects to be used to fuel your differences with the Governor. If you seek to fight the Governor, fight her without banking on MCAs; MCAs are purely properties of Kitui Voter. Don’t use other people to fight your small battles.

We must support negotiation between the Governor and the MCAs