Makueni County Assembly Speaker Douglas Mbilu is a troubled man after he was captured in a viral sound track threatening and hurling insults to a section of civil society members for naming him and his younger brother in corruption scandal involving public boreholes dug on private land.

According to a leaked recorded phone conversation between Speaker Mbilu and a man only identified as Abdul there is more to what meets the eye. The furrious Mbilu is heard instructing Mr. Abdul to warn a controversial Emali based activist Derick Mulungye that he will one day lure him into a popular social joint follow him to the latrine, rain 22 blows on him and sodomise him then allege he is insane to conceal the bully.

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“He further goes ahead to utter unprintable F – words threatening pay the DCI officers in Makueni to get Mulungye arrested and indefinitely released from different quarters until he is penniless. “Do you know i can release my four dogs to attack him now;one cid from Wote to demand 20K, another from Emali to demand 10K then another from Kibwezi an so on to pick him up and solicit bribes” the Speaker told Abdul. He further brags that he can spend his whole salary to pay assailants to ambush Mulungye.

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The activist had exposed how Speaker Mbilu allegedly used his position to build boreholes meant for public on his relative’s home, while serving as Minister of Water in Kibwana’s first term. Funny enough Mbilu is heard desputing the allegations but admits liability to the controversial Matiku dam where money was allegedly spend but no work was done.

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In a twist of events Mbilu turns the gun on the activist alleging Mulungye is among the people who owe the assembly imprest. He threated to release more incriminating evidence against the former assembly employee turned whistle blower.

This comes shortly after Ukambani governors evaded grilling by Senate sessesional Public Accounts and Investment Committee in their Senate Mashinani tour in Kitui.