Sonko has a huge appetite to thwart and bring down the cartels which have destroyed this nation in all spheres of social, economic ,political and technological sectors !

Cartels have spanned from employment cartels, land and government asset grabbing to illegal and substandard construction cartels, deportation of wealthy foreigners who are already citizens in kenya, procurement and tendering of victious projects and supplies to escalation of prices ,Supply of fake substandard products to fraudulent documentation cartels , economic sabotage and corruption and money laundering cartels to cut the long list short!

Now Governor sonko has done it very bravely in Nairobi and has already inflicted fear to masters of the cartels and some have been injured already!

His unnoticed rising star of popularity in this nation up to capturing the eyes of the American president has not been taken lightly by those who think they own Kenya

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So what is the issue with sonkos attitude for cartel in Kenya?

His political journey has not pleased almost every so called upper class politicians simply because they either belong to either this cartel or the other!They are all aware or involved in the plans probably to destroy his political Journey!

*So what do the cartels fear“?

The rise of Sonko as the roaring lion in the capital may again very easily take him to the top as president of this country at least in future later after the son of sugoi! In the top seat he may duplicate the dismantling of cartels in the entire nation with tougher recovery rules and laws on those involved on the evils above as they affect common man which he so advocates !

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Did the cartels succeed at least to pull down the energetic golden king?

No the cartels have totally failed interms of timing! Sonko will clear himself earlier before 2022 and take part in the elections!This means he will again roar in the city as many belief he is being persecuted by cartels a war many belief he will win just like Jesus Christ!

So what are the options of the cartels?

They already know sonko has been scared and the gesture is clear before him but his popularity keeps him very solid now and in future due to his charismatic political style!So they will from back door approach and persuade him At least to respect some of the opinions of the cartels in exchange of being cleared!

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Sonko will accept and he will be free from all the cases for lack of evidence as the basis! Again they will advice him to appeal to court soonest possible to access the office for his normal duties as Governor and that will be granted by the concerned court!

So what is the future of cartels and the Golden King?

Sonko will identify every sector in the nation managed by cartels and later he will write and release a book ” facing the cartels in Kenya” or a related topic revealing the untouchables and his foes and woes in the adminstration of the capital!

And finally once on the throne as his young age still dictates chances of being there ,Sonko will definitely revenge and all involved in this game of cartels will face his wrath then!