By Our Correspondent.

Before August 8, 2017 elections, The former land Minister Hon. Charity Kaluki Ngilu who is the current Governor of kitui confidently pledged to deliver five agendas to the people of Kitui.

The promises were;

Food &Water, Healthcare, Education And Youth Development, Women Empowerment and Wealth Creation

In just one and a half year since Governor H.E Charity Ngilu took power from her predecessor Dr. Julius Malombe, the county government has.

  1. Established Kitui County Health Insurance Cover (K-CHIC), a health scheme by county government only in the county and Makueni.
  2. Maintained enough supply of drugs in health facilities.
  3. Purchased medical equipment like CT Scan, X-ray machines etc.
  4. Employed medical staff to address previous issues of under-staffing.
  5. Set up Kitui County Textile Centre (KICOTEC), the first by a county government.
  6. Purchased stone crusher for ballast crushing.
  7. Rehabilitated some boreholes, water extension lines, and other water points.
  8. Set up 500,000 Litre water tank at Kwa-Monza Town in Kitui Rural Sub County.
  9. Commissioned Mutomo Town 500,000 Litre water tank which is under construction. Similar tanks will be set up one in each ward.
  10. Rehabilitated Matinga dam in Athi Ward in Kitui South at a cost of around 10 Million.
  11. Distributed plastic water tanks to institutions.
  12. Supported farmers in Ndegu and meander farming making the county food secure for the first time in history.
  13. Commissioned 40 tractors, one for each Ward to support farmers in plowing.
  14. Started Artificial Insemination to help farmers get better breeds for meat and milk thus boosting wealth creation.
  15. Trainee hundreds of youth in ICT, artisanal mining and garment making.
  16. Supported needy students with a bursary.
  17. Supported youths with machines like a car wash and briquette making machines to undertake income-generating activities.
  18. Rehabilitated Kisasi water project in Kitui Rural Sub County.
  19. Started the ongoing 50 Kilometre roads grading in all the 40 Wards to open up roads connectivity.

Ngilu’s development list is endless, have just mentioned but a few…


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