Some Important Dates in County Annual Budget Calendars.


By yoana kimwele

Some Important Dates in County Annual Budget Calendar:

All counties are to comply with requirements for public |participation in county budget making and implementation. Below are some important dates in the timeline for annual budget |making and monitoring:

(1) By August 30th, 2016: Issuance of Budget Calendar and Guidelines by the CEC member responsible for Finance – see Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) Section 128

Key questions for wananchi:
_Is there a circular in your county government’s website from the CEC responsible for Finance setting out the calendar for ongoing budget formulation and public participation activities for the financial year 2017/18? Can this circular be found at your Ward or Village Administrator’s notice board?_

(2) By September 1st, 2016:
Submission of the County Annual Development Plan (ADP) to the county assembly by the CEC Member Responsible for aPlanning. see PFMA Section 126

Key questions for wananchi:
_Does your MCA have his copy of the new ADP for the [upcoming financial year 2017/18 by 1st September 2016? Does the ADP capture prioritized development projects *itemised* by ward / location, estimated budget, source of funds (Donor/County or GOK), implementation timelines and so on? Does the ADP reassure you that enough funds are allocated to implement high priority projects in your ward beginning July 2017? What issues in the ADP must be corrected before being 4captured in the Fiscal Strategy Paper by 28th Feb 2017?_

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_Has the CEC member responsible for planning publicised the 2017/18 ADP through the county government’s website, a newspaper or other publicly accessible avenue? (Within 7 days after the county assembly submission)_

(3) By September 30th, 2016:
Submission of the County Budget Review and Outlook Paper (BROP) to the CEC by the County Treasury; Approval by CEC within 14 days (by October 14th); Presentation to county assembly within 7 days thereafter (By October 21st); Publicise promptly thereafter. see PFMA Section 118

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Key questions for wananchi:
_Do the actual expenditures for 2015/16 tally with the approved budget for 2015/16? How were the variances explained? What is the ratio of development to recurrent expenditures in the actual expenditure figures? Were good reasons given for anomalies? Do expenditures on wages and personnel emoluments compare favourably with development expenditures? Does your county government have a sustainable wage bill?_

(4) By February 28th, 2017:
Submission to the County Assembly of the Fiscal Strategy Paper (C-FSP) and Debt Management Strategy. see PFMA Sections 117 and 123

Key questions for wananchi:
_Will you have given your inputs to your county’s budget making process before the C-FSP is submitted to the county assembly by February 28th 2017?_

_What is the proposed budget allocation for the different departments of the county government headed by CEC members, Are there adequate allocations for pressing items such as agriculture, water and roads?_
_Earlier in the year, did the county publicise in its website the Debt Management Strategy before passing the current budget by June 30th 2016?Can you get a copy of your County’s Debt Management Strategy from your MCA or at the Commission on Revenue Allocation?

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What kind of debts does your County have?, and whose debts is your County holding ? What are the plans to pay people owed money by your County government?_

Also See section 50,51 and 52 of the County Governments Act for the roles of Village Administrators, Ward Administrators, and Sub County Administrators who are the point of contact for the county executive as regards public participation in budget making, budget implementation and monitoring. Note that these people should be hired by the county public service board. They must not be agents of a politician.

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