Some 1,250 trees are planted at Kitui Teachers Training College



About 1,250 tree seedlings donated by the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), the Kitui County Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change Ministry and the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) have been planted at the Kitui Teachers Teachers Training College.

The exercise took place on Wednesday, November 16, 2022. The learning institution’s Deputy Principal, Reverend Manasse Nguwu thanked the KEFRI, the Kitui County government and the KFS for the gesture. “We are very grateful to the KEFRI, the Kitui County government and the KFS for offering us some tree seedlings to plant during this rain season,” the teacher said.

Nguwu said they the college are working towards increasing the learning institution’s forest cover by planting plenty trees.

The college head said it is all good for the people to plant trees and conserve them for the benefits of mitigating and combating the climate change disaster. “The ongoing United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm-El Sheikh, Egypt is just for the good of curbing the climate change,” Nguwu said.

And our President is urging us (the Kenyans) to plant plenty trees to increase our country’s forest cover, he added. Nguwu disclosed that currently the Kitui Teachers Training College has a total of about 130 students. “This (the low number) is normal.

It is a challenge to all the teachers training colleges in the country,” he said. Regarding the environmental conservation, he said: “These teachers are being trained on the country’s new Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) education system and they are very relevant to the today’s activities of planting trees to mitigate the adverse effects of the climate change.”

He also disclosed that currently the college has a total of 43 teaching staff members and thirty workers. According to him, the learning institution’s compound area is about 15 acres. And his part, a KEFRI official Bernard Kimani Kigwa assured the college’s management that they the KEFRI will be providing them with some more tree seedlings for planting for the benefits of the environmental conservation.

The KEFRI officials blasted some people who destroy trees by felling them for charcoal burning. And he described them as total enemies for Earth. “Instead of planting and conserving the trees, one destroys the trees that he or she never planted,” Kigwa regretted. “It is so sad to see one felling a tree for charcoal burning,” the forester added.

He said no one should be allowed to extirpate trees. “Let us protect the environment for it to protect us,” he said, adding that all of us are today crying because of global warming.