Social Media Users Reacts Bitterly, Over The Need to Hire Chopper Services.


By our Reporter

26th Oct 2018

Kitui social media users on Thursday and Friday took to the social media platform to express their opinion on the advert that that appeared on our dailies with different opinion being raised on equal measure.

The county government advertised the The Framework for hire of chopper / Helicopter Services, Could be an avenue to swindle public funds but honestly speaking kitui county requires chopper services? Former kisasi ward candidate Mr mutemi popularly known as Rollon asked

The advert that appeared on our dailies

Brian Mwangangi the Radio host said ” When former Kilome mp hon Aaron Mwau started touring Makueni with Choppers,, was taught a Great lesson of being voted out there are More pressing issues in Kitui than hiring a chopper V8 or Prado hakuna mahali haiwezi fika Kitui….

An advert like this attracts all those who meet the criteria. If only those do not seek this prequalification and those in mind apply that will be more dangerous. So it is important to encourage many to apply

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Kitui East youth leader Katunda posted People are confusing ;
1.Ngilu the governor….. This is merely individual heading the govt of kitui!
2.County govt of kitui… This is govt of kitui people. Not the property of ngilu the governor.
Govt exists because of the people!
The county govt of kitui has responsibility to make sure its prepared to serve her people when the need arise as the govt !
I want those who are politicizing the hiring of chopper services by county govt of kitui to remember the last rain season at kalambani in kitui south subcounty where a guy was surrounded by waters of thua river and the guy was there climbing on trees kissing the death ,do you expect govt to leave to die??
Do you remember people of tana river county who were pleading with Kenya army to be a evacuated from tana river waters??
Don’t just talk to be seen talking without thinking guys!
The county should prequalifty even divers services ,remember also enziu incident in Mwingi central !!
This are situations forcing county govt to get early preparedness !!
Don’t think just choppers are for carrying the governor ,they can still ferry critical sick person to get quick medical services.

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Jacob kimwilu in his rejoinder said ” My friend we don’t need the chopper ,as long as the money to hire it is not from a personal pocket
Gabriel Safari from governor press team interjected “The way you are putting it out there is that the Governor is getting a chopper, read the advert, the CG is calling for pre-qualification. So that if need arises for a chopper, it will be quick to get the services without any hitches or complications later

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Brian Mwangangi: I couldn’t post if haven’t read please, which areas are inaccessible and do the Pple their need, water, medication, economic empowerment before being visited with a chopper??
Gabriel Safari: The purpose of having services of the chopper is not for the governor to be visiting people with it

Mr Mutemi aka Rollon: The question which lingers on…do we really need a chopper in kitui county as a matter of emergency?Could be an to swindle public funds but honestly speaking,kitui county requires chopper services, my opinion though, The issue is creating more heats than necessary

Kimuli of Kanziku said yule ako karibu na Governor Ngilu amwambie hi story ya Ndege alileti shangwe kwa musangi , she should discard it , its in bad faith.