Social Media Buffs Describe MULYUNGI/As Most Illustrious & Charming Ukambani Leader



An un-official social media survey has put Kitui’s top development icon and Mwingi Central MP Hon Gideon MULYUNGI as ‘the most illustrious MP in Kenya who posses an infectious charm that puts people at ease” The COUNTY DIARY reported on Wednesday.

While the global architect was placed at the pedestal in terms of escalated development feats in Kitui officially by Infotrak, the grapevine has now termed him as ‘spontenous, witty and the most-expressive’, making him the “most charismatic leader in the country.

The most beloved people in the world are the spontaneous.In one of his schools’ development group on What’sapp which draws members from the teaching fraternity, Mulyungi is seen enganging Headteachers of various schools in Mwingi Central almost instantly;

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if he is not fielding questions from head teachers, contractors and common mwananchi without pride, prejudice and double standards that characterize Kenyan politicians, he advices, congratulates and admonishes in equal measure.

“Tsunami has more of that quality we call “charm” than any other MP I have met” said COUNTY DIARY and media influencer Yohana Kimwele commenting on Facebook.

Charm is largely self-expression by tactful methods, and MP Mulyungi seems to out do his politically experienced peers in this ‘sphere of influence’.

He was pooled ahead of senators Mutula Kilonzo Junior, Babu Owino, Murkomen save for the kingpin Kalonzo and the President himself!

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Those interviewed picked characteristics not limited to self-expressiveness with the most tactful wit it possesses, heaping praises and banquets to the Wiper MP.Mulyungi has an elusive, attractive something in his personality that other leaders do not have very personal appeal that makes an immediate impression.

It pierces farther beneath the surface of strangers than other leaders do on much longer acquaintance.

The Mwingi Central MP, on the first meeting does not seem a stranger at all. His own confidences, given to you almost immediately upon meeting you, remove the barriers” reads another comment on the 31k member United People of Mwingi Facebook group.Personal experiences, personal secrets and personal preferences are subjects we are all interested in.

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These are the very things with which popular leaders regales their friends and about which Mulyungi is more frank and outspoken than any other leader this side of Sahara.He makes many friends by his obvious openness and his capacity for seeing the interesting details which others overlook.

“Colorful, vivid words and phrases come easily to his tongue for he sees the unusual, the fascinating, in everything. Most of us therefore have known him the most charming conversationalist” adds Patrick Kimanzi, Mulyungi’s Press Director