By Kim

IF NOT, then you must be carrying a certain image of God in your mind; hence you are missing. And unless you drop that image you are going to miss. God has no obligation to fulfill your idea of him. You must be carrying a certain idea that “God looks like this, behaves like this….” That’s why it is becoming impossible: you are making it impossible.

God can be known only by those who are capable of dropping all ideas about God. Any idea that you have accumulated in yourself in your ignorance is a hindrance. Drop all ideas about God and you will be surprised, you will be shocked, you will not be able to believe your eyes…because only God is! Then you will never ask, “Where is God?” You will ask, “Is there any place where God is not?”

Then in the very ordinariness of things you will see something tremendously extraordinary. Then ordinary pebbles are transformed into diamonds. Then ordinary humanity is no longer ordinary – then something luminous is in everybody’s heart.

Then man comes closer to the divine, and the divine comes closer to man; the human and the divine disappear into each other, the world and God disappear into each other.

Then you are not searching for a God who is separate and high and far away, living in the seventh heaven; then he lives in your neighborhood as your neighbor. Then he is human, he is animal, he is vegetable, he is mineral…he is all.

And when you can see that he surrounds you, not as a person but as a presence, then only does your inquiry come to a fulfillment. God is not hiding from you but you are keeping your eyes closed because of so many prejudices.

Somebody has a Hindu idea of God,

and somebody has a Christian idea of God, and somebody else a Mohammedan idea of God.

Now, God is neither Mohammedan, nor Christian, nor Hindu, so all these people who are carrying these ideas are bound to go on stumbling in darkness and more darkness. From darkness to darkness will be their journey, from death to death they will move. They will never know the light.

A Hindu cannot know God, a Mohammedan cannot know God, a Christian cant. First you will have to cleanse your mind completely of all Hinduism, all Mohammedanism, all Buddhism.

When you are utterly thoughtless, just alert, aware, watchful, then God explodes. And he explodes all over!

Only he is around. It is difficult to see him because your eyes are too burdened with your own prejudices, concepts, systems of thought. Be a little more childlike, be a little more innocent. God comes only when the heart is innocent. God comes only when you are utterly empty of all ideas. He is always ready to come, he is standing at the door, but you cannot hear because your mind is so full of turmoil, full of thoughts, millions of thoughts clamoring around. Your mind is so noisy you cannot hear the silent knock on the door.

Be silent, be innocent. God is. Only God is.