Singi Elected The Chairperson, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & industry -kitui Chapter


22, April 2019

By County diary

Kenya National chamber of commerce and industry -kitui Chapter held their chapter election on 17th April 2019 at Kitui Multipurpose hall.

What is a Chamber of Commerce

A chamber of commerce is an association or network of business people designed to promote and protect the interest of its members.

A chamber of commerce, also known as a “board of trade,” is often made up of a group of business owners that share a locale or interests, but can also be international in scope. They will choose leadership, name representatives and debate which policies to espouse and promote.

Chambers of commerce exist all over the world. They do not have a direct role in creating laws or regulations, though they may be effective in influencing regulators and legislators with their organized lobbying efforts, The president Uhuru Kenyatta is the patron of National Chamber of Commerce and industry.

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Kitui county delegates of the Kenya national chamber of commerce and industry on 17th April 2019 elected Mr. Duncan K Singi as Kitui county chairperson and Mr. Jones Nzomo Munyithya alias Kasuni from Mwingi as the vice chairperson.

Out of 11 directors, Only 6 retained their position during the hotly contested election.

To contest for county chairmanship you are required to pay none refundable fee of 52k and be compliant to chapter 6 of the constitution of Kenya.

The county Vice-chair is required to pay 27k none refundable fee to the national chamber of commerce and industry head office and be in compliance with chapter 6 of the constitution of Kenya. Must have been a member for the chamber of commerce and industry for a period of three years consecutively for chairperson and the vice to be eligible for contest.

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To be a Director, One must have been at least one year member of the chamber of commerce and industry and be in compliance with chapter 6 of the constitution of kenya.

Must ‘ve have renewed the membership at least one month to the election, for the director to contest, and must pay 17k none refundable fee, Many of those who wanted to contest were locked out, because of integrity issues quoted in chapter 6 of the constitution of kenya.

Speaking after the election, The chairman Mr Singi said the New Team is committed to making the chamber of commerce and industry a big movement for all business people of kitui county.

The chair urged the Governor Charity Ngilu to make sure all the street lights in major towns and all market masks are working to make sure a 24Hr economy is a success in Kitui.

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Mr. Singi said the chamber of commerce and industry- Kitui chapter will be working closely with the Governor to make sure the county government implements her development agendas.

He Also cautioned against those misleading the Governor for their selfish gains, “Ati Hawa hawakuwa wetu during the general election” to stop it and join us for the betterment of our business people.

We cannot address the business people based on their party lines, The chamber of commerce support the government of the day for the sake development, because the lobby is not a political outfit.

That is the call for the chamber of commerce and industry, Mr Singi said.