Shock as Wiper plans to Subject Mp Nguna In party Nomination with Unknown Villager



    The People of kitui county who love the wiper Democratic Movement party and its leadership up to date do not understand why the section of the party Mandarins wants to subject the loyal members to a party preliminary with unknown villagers.

    In kitui central, the plans had been hatched to subject Dr Makali Mulu to an unknown young man, but it’s reported that Dr Mulu refused to be subjected to party preliminaries with young boys having served the party diligently and with dedication.

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    In Mwingi west, the people who come out in large numbers to vote in Hon Charles Ngusya Nguna as their MP, to this day, cannot understand why a section of the wiper cartels want their popular Mp to be subjected to a party preliminary with newcomers and villagers.

    According to the political pundits, the plans by section of the wiper management committee to subject their loyal members to party nominations are likely to weaken the party even more.

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    “The reason why ODM party has been a popular party for many years in Kenya is that the party leader Rt Hon Raila Odinga has never allowed his Strong men to be subjected to party nominations, in many instances, the party issues direct Nominations to its militants”. MULU a political analyst said.

    Even after Mwingi west wiper lawmaker continued loyalty and dedication to the party leadership, plans to Subject him with Unknown Villager in Party Nominations have been mooted.

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    Speaking to the TCD, Mwingi West MP said, ” he is fully focused on main elections terming nominations as bumps erected in a smooth road that he will navigate easily”.

    It’s regrettably, that the party officials who are tasked to build the party members do not see the bigger picture. The party leader needs to reign in.