Shock as Rogue Contractor Mocks Motorists.


By Victor Mutua

Shock as contractor mocks the motorist , The above section of the road is along Mutito wa Ndooa road just after Kavati where a contractor is working on the bridge but has diverted vehicles into a muddy trap.

As you can see above a truck belonging to Mombasa Maize Miller’s got stuck at that section from 11am to 3pm making it unable to serve their customers in Mutito wa Ndooa.

Upon asking the supervisor on site,his response was rude and arrogant telling us mnaweza piga picha mtumie governor na kama hamna number yake naweza wapea tukutane uko.

I personally felt demeaned and oppressed considering the supervisor telling us so to our face was a person from Nyanya and most likely did not vote for the governor he is using her name to intimidate motorists using Mutito wa Ndooa road.

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Those who defend the good work of our governor should take not only notice but also action.

I am not sure but my thinking is a contractor working on a road should provide a passable alternative to motorists using that road and not unconvince them in the process.