Shock as Mwingi female Journalist is given Burukenge beating by her hubby.



Shock as female journalist is given a burukenge’s beating by her husband….

Drama unfolded at a sleepy village in Mwingi west after a journalist and her husband went hammer and tongs against each other.
The two clobbered each other silly after a domestic disagreement before the man overpowered the journalist and beat her to a pulp, leaving her for the dead!
The cuckolded husband later told our snitches that the ka journalist was too nagging for life and was hard headed.
What shocked neighbours and in-laws is when the journalist stormed into the kitchen and came out brandishing a knife!
“I’m going to remove your transformer in presence of your mother u fool…” the journalist hissed as she hurled unprintable insults to her husband.
The husband, a slender boy with a lithe body did a somersault and unleashed a left hook that got the journalist on the left jaw, sending her sprawled on the ground.
The man then fled the scene with his car.
Upon recovery, the journalist headed to the nearest police station where she reported grievous assault.
Later she hired a pick up and carted all the household belongings to her mother’s home somewhere deep in Mwingi central.
A day later, she fled to Thika town where she has been holed up!
“I have never witnessed such a macabre drama from a seemingly educated couple” remarked a shocked neighbour!

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