Shock As Mp and His Mother are clobbered like stray Burukenge.


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Shock as MP and his mother are clobbered like stray burukenges my the MP’s father.

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Kitui county government feted for financial Prudence by international firm

Kitui county government led by Kitui Governor HE Ngilu was among four counties feted on their financial prudence and discipline.

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According to latest statistics released by international budget partnership kenya kitui was rated the best with 42 % up from 25% on budget making process and transparency

The IBPK Lead research analyst John kinuthia said they have looked how counties performed from 2017/2018

The international budget partnership kenya and average transparency score findings are published twice every year..

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Kitui County, Nairobi County, Nyeri County and saburu counties were given thump up by the Transparency international budget partnership kenya , because according to the firm the counties had set their records clean for public scrutiny.

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