Shock as Kitui Tycoon Woman Infects Street boys with Veneral illness.


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Shock as Kitui tycoon woman infects Street boys with a veneral disease after holding a party for them, She fed them Viagra to work on here property…keep it here folks,

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a bill sponsored by hon Eng Jungle Wanaina is set to revolutionalise the procurement department, According to Public Procurement Amendment Bill 2018 that the member of Parliament will be tabling, all contracts issued by county or national government will be accompanied by bank guarantees.
If government does not pay within 30 days of contract delivery, contractor will just walk into the bank and collect his pay and procurement officer in charge shall be held personally liable.
Our people are being bankrupted by the same government they put in office, while the same government are promoting foreigners and giving them an upper hand.
This bill has already been allocated by the speaker of national assembly and is in the committee stage.

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