Shock as Kalonzo Makes PUBLIC His Secret Guarded MOU With Raila



WIPER Supremo HE Kalonzo Musyoka on Tuesday 1st March 2022 made public his secret Guarded MOU With Raila, accused him of going against the legal Arrangement they signed in 2017 as Politics hots up.


This memorandum is a binding legal agreement between Raila Odinga (hereinafter Principal ) of
Orenge Democratic Movement (ODM) and Kalonzo Musyoka (hereinafter Principal) of Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) in the context of the National Super Alliance (NASA), the grand opposition coalition.

This agreement binds Principal H and Principal Q in a power-sharing pact within NASA in the period before and after the 2017 August elections to 2022 General election.

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The commitments made herein shall
bind Principal H and Principal Q in both the 2017 and 2022 elections. By this agreement, the parties
agree that Principal H will be NASA’s presidential nominee and that Principal Q will be his running mate.

This agreement will remain valid until the 2022 elections whether or not NASA wins the 2017 presidential elections.

This agreement shall be executed in quadruplicate with one original copy for Mr Odinga, one original copy for. Musyoka, one original copy for Prof Kivutha Kibwana, and one original copy for Prof Makau Mutua.

Prof Mutua’s original copy shall be the final, true, authentic, and
dispositive copy of this agreement in case of a dispute.


Prof Mutua will be the sole depository for this agreement. This agreement shall only be publicly divulged with the consent and concurrence of all the parties, to with, Mr Odinga, Mr Musyoka, Prof Kibwana, and Prof Mutua.

Except that Prof Mutua shall
have the exclusive right and duty to publicly disclose the agreement in the event Principal H or Principal Q or both, cause an irreparable material breach of this agreement.

An “irreparable material breach
shall mean a repudiation, reneging, a violation, or an ouster in any way of any of the Articles of
Agreement hereunder.

Articles of Agreement

Principal H shall be the NASA presidential candidate with Principal Q as running mate.

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Principal H agrees in a public MOU to serve one term and publicly endorse Principal Q ) kalonzo Musyoka as the
presidential candidate for 2022.

Principal H agrees that after three years in the presidency, he shall delegate substantial national
duties to Principal Q and largely concentrate on international duties
Both Hand Q agree that the delegation of substantial national duties to Q by H After three years

Both be made public as part of the signed agreement to share campaign resources, especially funds, with Q for 2017

Both H and Q agree to publicly address rallies throughout the country and especially in Nyanza
western, Rift Valley and Coast regions to explain this pack to the people,

This will assure that the document is not a private understanding between H and Q but a social contract between H and Q, and then the people of Kenya.