Shock and pain for St Charles Lwanga as KCSE results disappoint


St. Charles Lwanga High School is a household name in Kitui County’s academic arena; it is is an historical performance giant.

The school is every parent’s dream school, but “hayawi hayawi huwa wahenga walisema.”

The results are out, but that ertswhile academic giant has fallen – and fallen hard.

Just as in the Biblical Goaliath Vs David epic battle, Lwanga as trailed behind schools it has been thrashing all along in it’s heydays.

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In hot pursuit with an extremely slight difference in points, most Kitui schools previously thought to be village schools have posted better results this year, to the chagrin of the Catholic sponsored Lwanga.

Lwanga came a distant 4th position in Kitui County’s school ranking.

It trails Muthale Girls and the new kid on the top block, Kisasi Boys.

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The school trailed behind Matinyani boys and others.

With a mean score of 7.69, against that scored by the top 3 schools of 8 points, that is very disappointing.

Is it the curse of the once famed delocalisation? Did the addition of a third stream start eating the historical stability? Only time will tell. But for sure, the giant inaokota embe dondo mchangani, ama inalamba Lolo?

Kitui giant St Charles Lwanga secondary school has been the best school consecutively in the previous years, St. Charles Lwanga KCSE results is a boil of pain for the alumni.

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1.Kitui sch 8.5
2.Kisasi. 8.4
3.Muthale 8.1
4.Lwanga 7.69
5.Matinyani 7.67
6.Kimangao girls 7.3267
8.Ikanga boys- 7.01’s 6.99
10.mbitini girls-6.97
11.mulango girls-6.82
12.Chuluni 6.8
13.St Joseph junour seminary -6.5
14.Nuu boys-6.47
15.kyatune boys -6.342
16.Thitani 6. 2587
17. Waita sec 6. 255
18 Mwingi boys-6.2
19.migwani boys -6.2
20.Kyuso boys-6.0
21.katheka boys -5.9
22.ikutha -5.8

So far developing results.more as we get it