Sherrif Nassir’s propaganda against Sonko’s Bid in Mombasa flops like house of Cards


    By TCD Reporter.
    Abdulswamad Sherrif Nassir’s propaganda against HE Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s Gubernatorial Bid in Mombasa County plops like gedi ruins. Court refuses to grand sonkos adversaries their prayers.

    ODM candidate for Mombasa gubernatorial race Hon Sherrif Nassir’s propaganda regarding Mike Sonko’s Gubernatorial Bid that he will not be cleared to has backfired leaving the ODM candidate lost like an injured bull.

    Sonko’s campaign schedule is people driven. His foot soldiers (electorates -Wananchi wa chini) have already hit the ground to campaign for their candidate.
    Mike Sonko does not only appeal to slum votes, but to all voting patterns including the rich and the poor. Just like in Nairobi, Mombasa is a metropolitan city with no space for tribal politics. Sonko works with all people of good will irrespective of their tribes or ethnicity.
    Mike Sonko is more than fit, for Mombasa Governors seat, his development record in Nairobi speaks it all.
    Sonko signed Nairobi to NMS, with the best interest of the people in heart. The partnership between NMS and the City leadership was not in any way malicious, but aimed at better service delivery to Mwananchi.
    Corruption allegations against Sonko are null and void because he has never been found guilty.
    Sonko’s Gubernatorial bid for Mombasa County is people’s driven like noted earlier. It is uncouth for Abdulwamad Sherrif Nassir’s propandists to find Mombasa electorates silly in their quest for better leadership from Sonko.
    All parties including JP, ODM, Wiper etc, can field as many candidates as possible anywhere across the country as stipulated in Kenya’s 2010 constitution, hence Sonko’s shining bid is no alarm amongst fellow contestants including Abdulswamad Sharrif Nassir.

    Sherrif Nassir’s propaganda against Sonko’s Bid in Mombasa flops like house of Cards.

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    Sonko seeks to work with all leaders of good will including President Uhuru, Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka etc, as long as bettering the livelihoods of Mombasa residents is the agenda.

    Party affiliations ought not to be a bridge to serving the Mwananchi thus Sonko will work with all like minded leaders upon his election.