Shame as Kamba leaders run with Mr Moneybags millions in Yatta



As dust settled over Kalonzo Musyoka’s Yatta meeting on Saturday, details have emerged how a surprise Mr Moneybags splashed 3 million to MPs and 1.5 M to MCAs who there after ran away with the cash leaving attending crowd empty-handed

To their surprise, the attending Wiper rank and file who filled the grounds of the so called Kamba Community Leaders at SKM Yatta Farm were left to their devices –to foot their travelling allowance as their selfish leaders chose to run away with the money.

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In fact, the leaders gathered themselves in enclaves while sharing out their loot to the chagrin of the masses.

And the so-called members of the 4 Estate were left open mouthed as they rushed to the nearby airstrip to get their cut off the loot, only for them be shoved and warned to a give a wide berth and keep clear.

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The Kitui and Mwingi scribes then heaped the blame on one tall bony journalist who had claimed to be a “close friend” of the Moneybags only for the guards to warn him to keep off the coterie of honcho and his homies.

The helicopter had actually flown away without the erstwhile Jubilee financier who could have been so irked to avoid the noisy rowdy phalanx of reporters who left the airstrip faces cast down.

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What a theatre of absurd.

The Mr Moneybags was then whisked away in a top of the range TX Toyota with armed bodyguards in tow!.