Shame as Parliamentary aspirant Uses Proxies to Extort Money from Rich Competitor



Kitui is an interesting place to hustle – and this comes in all manner of schemes including extortion, impersonation and outright lies and innuendo.

As Kitui Central Parliamentary claudron continue to boil to it’s highest degree ahead of the 2022 General Elections, unconfirmed yet disturbing details have emerged that a none starter candidate has been feeding from his fellow competitor through use of proxies.

The fellow is alleged to have approached popular MP aspirant Bonie Musambi hoping to pass himself as his key campaigner in Mulango Ward but his move was thwarted.

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The top notch politician Musambi, after weighing his options rejected the proposal by the crook and opted to team up with other leading lights across the Constituency to be his Coordinators.

“I am working with all the people from the ground whom I have personally vetted and who have expressed the will to support my sure bet candidature to Parliament. I don’t work with cartels and crooks” said the media personality-turned politician.

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Now the sleaze, ruthless nondescript wannabe, upon realizing his plans had failed flat, went on and declared his candidature hoping he will be bought in a later date, siasa ti Ngima na Mboka ya mwee (sic).

Interesting, according to the leaked WhatsApp conversation, it is alleged that the None starter Aspirant has been using needy boys in his home area to get handouts every weekend from Bonie Musambi. The boys then deliver the loot to him.

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Hustling is real among young people!

Now when the cry baby plan was discovered, he goes ballistic especially when his proxies fail to secure handouts from Musambi.

His only remaining option has been a constant post of vitroil and abusing Musambi on social media but Musambi has remained unmoved and unbowed like the Egyptian Sphinx.