Shame As Ngilu Enemies Now Targets her Ministers to weaken the government.



By county dairy correspondent.

27th sep 2018

The enemies of county government of have hatched yet another scheme to weaken the county government.

Allow me put few things into perspective as per as kitui rugby seven event reports is concerns, As the county Assembly of kitui plans to debate the report about Kitui seven.

Someone needs to Remind The county Assembly that_ The government any Government all over the world doesn’t not engage on profit making business.

Branding kitui by hosting kitui seven rugby was a milestones.

The kitui seven event was a milestones, The visitors who troop to kitui every day, every weekend for investment tour is Truly plus for the Kitui people.


The kitui county according to latest statistics, kitui has been receiving Many visitors across the country, business has bee booming from hotels to bodaboda businesses, to mama boga kiosk vendors.

The county government hosted three day event that brought together rugby seven fans and local team. The residents of kitui are extremely thankful to the Governor Ngilu for hosting such event.

The event Even put Kitui county into perspective at the national Arena, Nzambani rock, ikoo valley and several tourism attraction, by hosting Churchill and other artist was a great gain to the county of kitui.

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Its hypocritical by some leaders to sponsor online attacks to the minister in charge of tourism ,culture and sport hon koko Musau politicising every projects done by the county government of Kitui sets bad precedence Kioko of kitui west said..

The intention is to weaken the county government led by Governor Ngilu by sponsoring attacks on the hard working minister who is every defending the governor.

The county government injected 29 million and the county made 184 million within three days, hotels were booked to capacity even at kabati, mutomo, kwavonza, migwani all the way to mwingi and outskirts.

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For those who understand Branding.

Any event that brings people from all over the world to a certain place is good for local business and future business

We need to encourage such event for our people mutemi ngue from kitui central said, Mwingi west residents said they are behind the hard working minister hon koki musau any attempt to frustrate him will not be taken lightly , Eng warns.

You must keep off the minister if you support the county government of Kitui eng warns cartels who has been sponsoring online attacks to the minister.