Senior Lawyer Ahmednasir Want Churches run by Rogue pastors closed



Senior Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has urged the government to deal ruthlessly with rogue pastors and preachers who preach unsound doctrine and close down their churches.

The Senior Counsel said the government should apply the same measure of force as it has previously done against Muslim clerics who were found to be advancing radical teachings and had some mosques shut to end the menace.

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“Historically, successive Kenyan governments have closed mosques run by radical Muslim Imams, jailed many, and killed very many Imams in broad daylight,” he said.

Close all churches run by rogue pastors, Ahmednasir tells State
Says radical Imams have in the past been dealt with firmly and some mosques closed.

Ahmednasir said the State has in the past dealt firmly with rogue Imams and even closed mosques.
He pointed out that some were killed and others jailed for threatening peace and as such, radical pastors should not be spared.

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