Senator Kiio Asks Government To Recruit Police Reservists to Help Bring Peace


Recruit Police Reservists to curb insecurity, kitui senator pleads with National Government.

Kitui County Senator Hon. Enoch Kiio has now called for central government to recruit and post police reservists to Mutha, Kitui South.

Senator Kiio’s plea comes five days after the killing of a resint of Mutha by Somali Camel herders.

Kiio in his statement said the issue of somali-kamba communities’ clashes had became prominent and the police offers were therefore not enough hence the need for the Government to recruit police reservists to tighten security in the area.

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“we can’t watch as our people continue to be killed. I ask the government to engage home police reservists to reinforce regular police so as to counter the matter” he said.

The sidents of mutha says are now forced to flee their homes for fear of being attacked. “mimi ni mama, na niko na watoto. Na mimi nataka kuambia serikali ya kwamba sisi watu wa Mutha tuko na shida sana. Mimi nalala kwa msitu, kwa sababu kwa zaidi ya miaka kumi tumekuwa tukivamiwa na kuuawa.” a woman said.

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Looking at how our people at Mutha are, and have been going through, the government through the ministry of Interior and coordination of National Government should take these somali herders to their home, Tana River County, to grant peace to our people” Senator Kiio added.