Seku VC responds to Malicious Attacts OVER COUNTY /SEKU partnership


Story by Yoana kim

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20th sep 2018.

The seku vice chancellor Prof Geoffrey Muluvi on Thursday responded heavily to online propaganda that the county government of kitui will loose millions county coffers on The agreement between Seku and County government of kitui.

The Seku university signed agreement with County Government of Kitui on livestock improvement programme was a well thought out development programme.

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A lot of thinking went into the development of the project. The agreement was discussed and approved by all the governing organs of the university.

The project does not confer personal benefits to anybody. It was not a consultancy. It was a joint effort to assist livestock farmers in Kitui County.

There is nobody either in Seku or the County Government who will be paid anything through out the implementation of the project prof Muluvi said.

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Those who did not understand what the project is all about can visit SEKU or contact me and we will take them through both technical and financial aspects of the project prof muluvi said.

I want to urge the discussions in on kitui professional chat forum to be driven by facts, That is what is expected of a professional forum. Muluvi said.

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prof muluvi said the forum should never be used to propagate falsehoods , we have an obligations to help our people in whatever capacity, and those who think they need more information to conduct the seku communication department. Thanks and have a nice day

Professor Geoffrey Muluvi