Imuumba Security Restored As Pastors Lead Residents In Thanks Giving Ceremony


The Residents of Imuumba in kitui east, for decades have lived without knowing peace following attacks from shifas, the volatile area have something to be proud of courtesy of Kitui East Mp Hon Nimrod Titus Mbithuka, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

On Sunday, It was jubilation, praise and worship as residents held a thanksgiving Sunday service at Imuumba on 17th November 2019.

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The armed Camel Herders and their Camels who had invaded the area are finally out of the land and a contingent of GSU and KWS officers have established a base at Kalalani.

The establishment of the police post at the gateway used by the herders has given the residents hope at last, in Imuumba town, Mp added.

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My first entry to Imuumba was a Sunday service in November 2017, three months after my election, Pastor Jeremiah and Pastor Nehemiah led the prayers for God to see us through our emancipation of November 17, 2019…exactly two years.

“We have witnessed victory and, we had to keep the promise we made to the Lord that day, to thank him if our wishes of freedom, Kitui east Mp said.

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Jehovah God, you are Faithful and Loving, May all the praise be to the ALMIGHTY GOD