Section of Kitui UDA adherence issue Press release, disassociate themselves with today’s event



Attention members and the larger UDA family.

The function being held in Migwani Ward, which is my ward, which is in Mwingi West Constituency and the larger Mwingi, I personally and officially, I am not aware of.

There is no official or even verbal communication from the UDA Party and as such our UDA interim party structures in Mwingi region, in which I serve as a Vice chair have never been informed or involved in any of the planning committees about the function and as such and accordingly, to us, its either an Azimio or a Jubilee affair or as depicted in the social media, an ukambani leaders meeting which should not be pegged or embedded in the UDA fraternity.

NB, there is nowhere in the poster circulating in the social media written UDA or UDA colours or maybe KK colours used for that purpose.

The convenor of the meeting Senator Musila has chosen to ignore all the original UDA pioneers and chosen to work with his Jubilee Secretariat and the new members who have come to KK.

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They have completely ignored the UDA MNA candidate for Mwingi West, all the 4 UDA MCAs, all the 3 Mwingi Constituency and Ward UDA candidates. Their mission is to outshine on us and imply that they carry the shots just after literally joining the party the other day.

My personal view is that we should not support such moves becoz its so disheartening, so discouraging and intimidating. We need the party to know that we played our role that will never be erased in rhe history of this Country. Coming to UDA and wreking our bolt while inside is both unwarranted and uncalled for.

We condemn such acts with the strongest terms possible and pray that it will not be repeated again in any other part of our great kamba land.

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In Machakos, it was done in machakos Town, in Kitui it was done in Kitui town, in Makueni it was done in Wote Town, in Mwingi it was being held in somebody’s village and home church.

We have our town in Mwingi where the President used to come for rallies and we have Bishops in Mwingi who used to pray for the President when he comes to mwingi when other Bishops and Pastors could not dare try to be associated with UDA and they need to be given a chance to host the thanksgiving for that matter.

These will have something to thank God for. What are the Azimio proponents practically going to thank God for and yet they betrayed and preached against UDA and said alot of ill things against our President during their campaigns.

If there is anything today to be held by the Azimio legends in Migwani, it should be a repentance prayer for them to be cleansed and baptised. The thanksgiving ceremony will be properly arranged and announced later by the right people and in the right venue.

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LET the people who supported the President’s plan and arrange for a thanksgiving ceremony which is legitimate even before the eyes of the Lord.

In the near future, we will tell the Kamba people and the nation what the purpoted thanksgiving ceremonies are all about and their aim and agenda will be unfolded.

Their objective is not UDA popularisation neither is it a thanksgiving BUT a well calculated and coordinated move to initiate, engineer and agitate for a different political outfit in the region to create space for selfish and greedy attempts to derail UDA movement in the region for a supposed bargaining power in the KK government.

God bless you and enjoy your Sunday.

Hon. Kalumaita
Former MCA and Immediate UDA Candidate, Migwani Ward