Science: How to Calculate the weight of a penis


How much does the penis weigh?

To calculate the penis weight we’ll have to do some calculations first. The volume figures, in cubic inches, shown in the size data chart can easily be converted to weight by the application of appropriate conversion factors.

For example, a dick having a volume of 20 cubic inches would be found to weigh 12.25 ounces, or about 0.77 pounds; some dicks are going to weigh in at more than a pound!

The following assumptions and relationships have been used for these calculations.

(1) First, although obvious, it should be recognized that two different units of measure are involved; i.e., we are starting with volume in cubic inches but we want weight, which can be expressed either in the metric system as grams, or in the English system as ounces or pounds.

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The units of measure in the two systems cannot be used together without appropriate conversion factors. Furthermore, to convert volume to weight, something has to be known about the density of the substance in question, or what the weight of a given volume of it is.

(2) Inasmuch as the penis is composed largely of blood at full erection, it is appropriate that a value for the density (specific gravity) of blood be factored in as the basis for the final results. This is not completely accurate anatomically, but in the absence of data on the density of the penis per se, this is as close an estimate as can be made at this time.

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(3) The following factors have been used to make these calculations:To calculate weight in grams, multiply cubic inches by 17.37.

To caculate weight in ounces, multiply cubic inches by 0.613.To caculate weight in pounds, multiply cubic inches by 0.0383.

(4) The intermediate calculations are:

(a) To obtain weight in grams, multiply the cubic inch volume values shown in the size chart by 16.39 to convert to volume in cubic centimeters (cc), and then multipy this value by 1.06 (grams whole blood per cc at body temperatere of 37 degrees Celcius) to obtain total number of grams of penis weight.

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(b) To obtain weight in ounces, divide the gram weight by 28.35.

(c) To obtain weight in pounds, divide the gram weight by 453.59.

(5) List of individual conversion relationships used above:

1 cubic inch = 16.39 cubic centimeters (cc)

1 cc of blood weighs 1.06 grams at 37 degrees Celcius (average from Google search, not exact)

1 pound = 453.59 grams

1 ounce = 1 pound/16 = 453.59/16 = 28.35 grams

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, so I’m glad cclark raised the question
How to calculate the weight of a penis