Ruto will NEVER Be President – Declares Governor Ngilu as Netizens reacts



Kitui Governor charity Ngilu on Monday 24th January 2022 claimed that Deputy President Dr William Ruto Will never be made President Of Kenya.

The Azimio Governor said William Ruto will never be made a president because he has never supported devolution and he is not mature enough to lead the country.

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Governor said she will make sure that HE Kalonzo Musyoka is in the next Government, she warned those who are using Kalonzo Musyoka’s popularity to get their Political seats.

Ngilu was speaking during Musyifm morning talk show, she further said, it will be a two-horse presidential race between Dr William Ruto and Rt hon Raila Odinga.

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Several members have reacted after the Interview.

Social media user: Well-done Hon.Charity Kaluki Ngilu for honestly , religiously and focused interview.

Social media User : Congrats governor Ngilu,..the interview was wonderful…(niwakuna syindu nesa) … are a political genius…

Another user: She has said the naked truth…. Kalonzo we love him and that’s why we don’t want him to be used as a stepping stone.

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Another user : Ngilu will use kalonzo Musyoka as stepping stone again August ….ngilu continue courting kalonzo….you will make it.