RUTO Calls for All Inclusive Dialogue In BBI



Dp Ruto, the incoming 5th president of the Republic of Kenya has called for inclusion in the BBI dialogue.

He urged county assemblies to shun a forced ‘Yes-no’ campaign around BBI that threatens to be retrogressive for the country.

Speaking when he met Wajir MCAs on Monday, Ruto while being accompanied by the Kamba defector Leader, Hon Johnson Muthama said that, the county assemblies must work together and push for progressive engagements around the Building Bridges Initiative.

“…so that we can build a consensus on the report, a divisive referendum process cannot be used to achieve a united country,” he said.

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He added: “We must at the moment prioritise the health of our people and focus on countering the effects of Covid-19.”

For the country to rally behind BBI, Dr Ruto said, there is an urgent need to improve its presentation and content.

On the other hand, Muthama said that “If we are trying to sort out the problem of divisive elections leading to a divided country via BBI, why then are we after a divisive referendum that would end up tearing apart the country?” he posed.

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He said there should be no rush in the process “if we are serious and mean well for this country”.

“Could we be after a different outcome from the BBI other than the cohesiveness of our country?” he said.

“Kenyans should not participate in this constricted agenda. Why should we railroad people to go to the presumed No camp when we can all engage and have a consensus?.”Hon.Muthama Said.

Ruto said the country is headed to a lose-lose outcome from the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) unless the hardline position taken by some of those steering the process is relaxed.

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He regretted that the costly two-year product had turned out to be “highly controversial and with so many glaring gaps”.

“Those driving the BBI should not tell Kenyans that they have no time for further amendments. If we cannot enrich the document, then we would end up with a bad constitution because its work was entirely unprofessional,” he said.

He said there should be no rush in the process “if we are serious and mean well for this country”.

The Deputy President said by the look of things, it was clear some quarters were pushing for a YES-NO referendum for political reasons that targets the 2022 polls.