Ruth Kyene Factor in Nzambani Ward leaves competing MCAs aspirants lost ahead of the polls




They say if your action Makes people dream more, do more than you are a leader; Nzambani Member of kitui County assembly hon Ruth Kyene has continued to win banquette of Praises because of her contribution in the assembly and outside the assembly chambers.

The outstanding woman County legislator is basking her acclaim and compliments because she has proved to be true to her electorates, she is a suave, articulate and down to earth politician in kitui today.

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She has continued to be a big factor in women leadership in kitui county, Nzambani MCA is among county legislators who have sponsored countless bills and motions, the County Diary can report.

Ruth, besides being a woman in the county assembly of kitui, has proved that women can lead effectively, besides being voted as the best performing county legislator in the current assembly.

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Ruth Kyene is among MCAs whose reelection in August polls is almost sure a bet, Unseating powerful Ruth Kyene will not be a cup of coffee, the formless and randarles candidates continue to lose grip in Nzambani Ward politics.

She is among the equals in terms of the top-notch politicians whose future continues to shine in kitui.

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