Revenue Collection in Upward Trajectory Under Dr. Malombe as Cartels Cry


By guest writer

Kitui Governor Julius Malombe is proving to be a man of his words in terms of the panel beating the county back to the path of recovery and growth.

In the Revenue Collection frontier, the Governor is turning tables, with figures and data showing that Revenue collection across the county is on an upward trajectory, the TCD Digital has learnt.

Governor Malombe’s interventions in the revenue department are bearing fruits, according to a Revenue Collection Report released in October 2022 with comparative figures for 2021.

Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe.

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The interventions, according to sources close to the current administration, include sealing the loopholes of revenue theft and stopping revenue cartels in their tracks.

For example, the 10 County Ministries (Departments) plus County Treasury, Mwingi town and Municipality posted Ksh24.9 million in revenue collection in October 2022 compared to Ksh17.6 million collected in October last year when Ngilu was in office.

The figures indicate that the Ministries’ collections in the period under review increased by a remarkable Ksh7.3 million.

The Ministry of Health alone posted a significant Ksh16.5 million of revenue inflow in October 2022. In 2021, the same department managed a paltry Ksh9.5 in revenue collection under the former governor.

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The report also shows that the revenue base of the County’s 12 Divisions has also shot up. In October 2022, the divisions posted Ksh.6.4 million compared to Ksh 4.2 million in 2021.

This is 54% rise in revenue collections across the divisions from the month of October 2022 compared to the same period in October 2021.

Dr Malombe has insisted that every shilling meant for the public must be accounted for.

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He has removed questionable officers from the Revenue Department and replaced them with credible people who are aligned with his people centred manifesto.

Credible reports indicate that the cartels who were used to impunity have regrouped to sabotage Dr. Malombe.

The Governor however continues to receive accolades from a vast majority of Kitui County residents who have assured him of their unwavering support and puts the county on the path of development.

“We are firmly behind the Governor. He should not be shaken by the noise from questionable characters who are actually responsible for the mess we are in,” said Campbell Munyambu, the coordinator for Mwingi Professionals Forum.