Revealed: How Wiper CARTELS want Kitute rigged Out in favour Of Major Muluvi



Wiper election management committee have been asked to be on high alert following reports that the scheme has been hatched to rig out Popular candidates in favour of unpopular aspirants.

According to multiple opinions polls, Hon Militonic Mwendwa Kitute is ostentatious the popular wiper candidate in kitui East constituency, but the scheme is said to have been hatched to rig him out in favour of the wiper National election director hon Major Muluvi.

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The disturbing facts are, if wiper party needs Wiper Mp in Kitui East, Kitute is the sure bet”//

In the 2017 General Election, Mwendwa Kitute lost to Mp Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai the current Member of Parliament for Kitui East Constituency.

Mbai won after garnering a total of 14, 256 votes against 10, 899 votes garnered by NARC’s Militonic Mwendwa Kitute. major Muluvi was number 5 in less than 4000 votes.

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Today hon Kitute of Wiper Party remains a popular candidate, if wiper denies him the ticket, Mp Nimrod Mbai will be back with a landslide win.