Revealed how the Enemies of Governor Ngilu have gagged up Against bloggers.


By bloggers association

There has been a co-ordinated attack against kitui established bloggers who are pro the county government of kitui. The essence of the co ordinated fights on social platform is made to taint the influencers and paint them as bad individuals so as to expose the government for more attacks.

The latest was Steve Mumbu who runs the county watch, and yoana Kimwele who rans the county diary blog.

Mumbu was hijacked by unknown people from town pub where he lost valuable goods and Money, he was also quoted intensively by Mwingi based katiwa in his audios maliciously.

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The second was yoana Kimwele who rans the blog, kitui professional chat forum and the biggest facebook group in kitui which has over 100k members,

The Enemies of county government and the Governor Ngilu have gagged against bloggers because they know it Will be difficult to fight the County government when bloggers are in the side of county government.

The enemies of mama Ngilu has been doing all manner of propaganda against the bloggers, the fight is made to fight those who are perceived to be close to the Governor.


We are perturbed that the enemies of the governor’s has found it fit to engage in an insulting match on social media Simply because we are pro government of the day. Yoana Kim and Steve Mumbu added.
In their blind shadow boxing, many have made startling and shameful assertions, claims, and even unfounded allegations rooted on character assassinations.
While we appreciate their freedom of speech we find it rather in bad taste that,they have continued to train their punches on us Kimwele added.

We want to advise these prophet of dooms and their fellow conspirators to reconsider their stand and show true value for themselves instead of fighting bloggers.. Surely they can’t transfer their frustrations to us. We are committed to support the Governor Ngilu and no one will will succeed distracting us, we are focused , No Matter the insults and abuses on social sites.

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We Have noted those people who were removed from County popular KPC forum are leading in the insults match,

Finally, as they struggle to revive their relevance, kindly leave Us alone, leave us out of your frustrations and aimless punches. The government is bigger, and its accommodates everyone.

Signed by

Steve Mumbu

Yoana Kimwele