Revealed; How Kitui Senator was Dumped by kwa Kilui Professionals.


19th, August 2019| By County Reporter.

The Ongoing Politics around Kitui stone crusher located at Kwa kilui in Kitui rural, which had dogged since its establishment on Saturday took a new twist, after professionals, Community leaders and business leaders from the area told off Kitui senator hon Enoch Wambua for misleading them, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

The leaders who spoke to County diary have expressed regrets for listening to the senator who has been misleading them to reject the government programs for political reasons, it has been revealed that the senator wanted to attend the meeting but, he was told to keep off the meeting, the community is tired of his empty politics.

Locals have revealed how they had been incited by leaders to reject Kitui stone crusher initiated by Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu in Kitui rural, through public resources, yet the projects are meant to uplift the standards of the local people.

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The Much hyped Kwa kilui declaration on Saturday 17th, August did not impress the Government critics, because the Governor Ngilu had reached out to the two warring cooperatives with where being used by Government critics to derail the County Stone crusher in kitui rural sub-county.

In a signed Memo seen by County diary, the county government led by the Governor Ngilu had agreed with two cooperatives officials on how the two cooperatives will be doing business with locals guided by the existing laws and subsequent Kitui cooperative bill 2019 which is in its final stages at the county assembly floor waiting to be debated and be adopted by county assembly.

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The Governor Ngilu and senator Hon Enoch Wambua for the last two years have embroiled into the political tongue of war, where the senator has been questioning every project and programs on social media other than visiting the governor’s office to get information.

Leaders have been urged to put aside personal differences and embrace each other for the sake of service delivery to the people of Kitui, Any further delay of the project will be a big loss to the people, Mwongela said.

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The stone crusher at kwa kilui, Is expected to manufacture ballast and other raw materials for the ongoing mega Thwake Dam, where the locals are expected to benefit a lot, Kitui rural parliamentary Aspirant Ben Mwongela told County diary.

Kitui Textile Centre, popularly known as Kicotec which is celebrated by across the country will be doing police uniform across the country, The top county government of officials revealed after Kitui county Manufactured over 280 thousands of pieces of chiefs and Assistants Chiefs uniform as directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta through National Interior ministry, the senator is still questioning its existence..